Ways to Give

Our community relies on its members to survive. Whatever you can give, be it money, time or skills - we can always put resources to good use.


We're an all inclusive organization, so if you're worried about not knowing how you could help, just reach out to us and we'll find something that you're comfortable doing and you'll be able to add to the magic that is the London Chess Community.


Money is always helpful to us. It allows us to purchase resources and promote our groups. If you're looking to make a donation and want to know how  you're money is being spent please contact us and request our budget policy.

In Person

We accept donations by cash in person. Please give what you can to the official event organizers. Alternatively, you can press the contact button below and one of our organizers will be in touch.

By Phone

We can contact you if you wish to make a payment by phone. Please click the contact us button below and one of our members will get in touch.

Online (£5 - £100)

If you're looking to make a donation up to £100 - you an do that on our online shop here:

£100+ donations

If you're looking to make a sizable donation, please click the link below, fill out the form and one of our trusted members will be in contact to arrange the donation. 



At an event

If you want to get involved at an event as an organizer, greeter, help with setting down and setting up or help with organizing the pieces. Please reach out to us by clicking contact us below and one of our members will be in touch.

At Home

We always need help digitally with administration, website development, digital art, talking with our stakeholders, sponsors and growing our community online via social media platforms. If you can help, please click the contact button below and one of our members will be in touch.



Working in partnership with others is at the core of our ethos. 
Please feel free to reach out to us and one of our business representatives will be in contact with your organization to see how we can grow together.


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