Who We Are & What We Do

We provide a supportive environment for Chess and socialisation. Players can challenge their minds on the board and connect their minds over the board using conversation.  


Chess is a game that anyone can learn and partake in. It is all inclusive. We help people find local connections by playing Chess over the board. Chess provides a unique opportunity to spend one on one time with another person. To have an intermate conversation and get to know someone while doing a mentally stimulating activity. We aim to break down barriers and allow people to meet from all different backgrounds, races, sexualities and religions. We share a unique and binding passion, the game of Chess. 



Providing a supportive space for people to learn Chess and socialize, we hope to alleviate loneliness and promote well-being for our community. We aim to enable people to find local connections and like minded people to build life long friendships and relationships.

Giving people space to learn more about each other, we hope to educate people about different cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is not only to expand their minds on the theory of Chess, but also to expand their minds on people and ways of life. 



Connection not competition

Sharing knowledge and openness

Kindness and compassion

Friendship and fellowship

Understanding and 

Meet the Team


Jake Williams

Central London King


Jamie Slevin

East London King


Vivek Hamirwasia

North London King

Vasilis Tsikes

Social Media King